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Happy Tooth is a rapper/singer from Columbus, Ohio. He makes music solo, but is also in a six-piece band called Happy Tooth & Dug.He has been making and releasing music independently for almost a decade now.

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Album Review: Love is King- Jeff Tweedy 

Early on these songs that ended up on Love is King were sort of like misshapen shapes, but as the pandemic has gone on, and the songs were getting shaped into what we have on the album I was given a mild peek behind the curtain.

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Donuts N' Akahol Season 7 Impromptu Performance 

Tune in tomorrow at 6p for a very special Live event on CincyMusic LIVE! Donuts N' Akahol have teamed up with WiseWords Management and Felsenhaus to announce their 7th season!

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Interview: Snarls 

I first saw Columbus band Snarls at the North by Northside music fest in Cincinnati last year. It’s rare that an unknown (to me) band on a long festival list will grab my attention, but I was knocked out by their catchy blend of swirling guitars, reflective lyrics, and infectious energy.

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Get Stuffed on Local Music with CincyMusic LIVE 

Get Stuffed on Local Music’s home has been the Southgate House Revival since its inception in 2015. While we are not able to have the festival in person, we will be doing it virtually via the CincyMusic Facebook page. This year, you can get stuffed on local and regional music AND actually stuff your turkey.