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Everyone is VIP for Bunbury Music Festival This Weekend

Since we can not be at Bunbury Music Festival this weekend, we are giving everyone a VIP see the performances in the VIP tent from previous years!

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Mood Music - Mavis Guitar Drops a New 2 Song EP

It’s really impossible to know where the creative spark for any one thing might originate. For Travis Talbert, though, staying at home during this year’s pandemic, the time with his family has him finding new ways to tap into that creativity.

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Shannon Garcia and the Taken Premiere Video for "Seventeen"

Shannon Garcia and the Taken are premiering the video for "Seventeen" TODAY from the EP fnExists!

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Album Review: Nowhere From Here - Joe Wunderle

Through the gravel in Joe’s voice, and the lonesome sound of fiddle and pedal steel there’s also an Ohio front porch. On a lazy Sunday strumming some chords, a coffee, and maybe a wind chime clanking.

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Quarantunes: Via Moose

While we have all been dealing with our quarantine however we have been dealing with it. Some of us have had to still work, and some are not and are at home trying to figure out if that table really needs to be cleaned again, I mean it’s been an hour? Music has been there for us. To keep us sane amidst a pandemic the likes of which we have never seen before.

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Matt Waters, Naked Karate Girls and The Recipe LIVE at the Starlite Drive-In Theater on Memorial Day

Matt Waters, Naked Karate Girls, and The Recipe will be performing LIVE at the Starlite Drive-In Theater tomorrow! This event is the first of its kind in our area!

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CincyMusic LIVE with Rocktails: An Amped Up Spin on Mixology

Get ready to cheers with Kristen and MayaLou, the authors of Rocktails: An Amped Up Spin on Mixology on CincyMusic LIVE tonight at 5p!

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Album Review: Migration Stories - M. Ward

Few artists have been more captivating, for me, than M. Ward. A bunch of years ago I saw him on a VHS tape that had his Austin City Limits guest appearance on it. He played on a few songs with Bright Eyes / Conor Oberst. I had never heard anything like that before and being under the influence of some things I made sure to make a mental note of this guy’s name: M. Ward.

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Johnny Chords Releases DIY Video for Candy Coated

Eastside producer, studio engineer & musician Johnny Chords released a playful first single from his emotional pop record & solo debut!

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It's Time to Think Differently about Live Music

Let’s talk about what’s happened to live music, what’s happening now, and what needs to happen in the future, both in the short and long-term.

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Get Cooking With Madeline Ndambakuwa of The Welcome Project

This Saturday, Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE will be hosting a cooking class with Madeline Ndambakuwa of The Welcome Project at 6p!

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CincyMusic LIVE with Inhailer Radio to Benefit the Employees of MOTR Pub and The Woodward Theater

CincyMusic and Inhailer Radio have teamed up for two nights of Live Streaming music from bands to benefit the employees of MOTR Pub and The Woodward Theater on Friday, May 22nd and Saturday, May 23rd!