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Upcoming on CincyMusic LIVE

In order to help musicians in this tough time, we have created CincyMusic LIVE! Live concerts from the comfort of your home. Tips appreciated to each artist (links will be provided during each set). More artists are being booked daily so check back often so you don't miss out!

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Cincy Groove Music Festival This Weekend

While there are a plethora of Live Streaming options happening, make sure that the Cincy Groove Music Festival is one you don't miss. Taking place Friday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 5th at the Cincy Groove's Facebook page!

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Musical Movies That Aren't Musicals: A Short List

Listen, we’re all going a little crazy right now. The world’s turned upside down, and we’re all doing our best to adjust, cope, manage, and… well, just exist at this point. For frequent CincyMusic readers, we know that music is an escape and a salve, and along with so many other things that we’ve had to give up in order to socially distance ourselves for everyone’s health and well-being, having to go without live shows is a particularly difficult thing. Hopefully you’ve been checking out all of our CincyMusic Live performances on Facebook supporting local musicians.

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Soul Step Records Announce SSR-061 with Multimagic

Soul Step Records is proud to announce the release of Multimagic's upcoming LP, "Manic Daze." This is the second release that Soul Step has done with Multimagic after a successful 45 release of two tracks off this LP, "Dreams" and "Sunshine."

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Video Premiere: Vampire Weekend at Bernie's "Ass Master"

Vampire Weekend at Bernie’s is an experience. Strap in and get ready for the experience of the brand-new song, “Ass Master.”

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Shows to Couch Tour With

As we all bunker down for the long haul it looks as though, at least the beginning of our summer concert plans are on hold. All major festivals have either been postponed, rescheduled or canceled and the fate of single concert dates will all be based on whether we can all gather in large groups again this summer.

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Five Fantastic Metal Documentaries to Keep You on the Couch

It's a tough time for Metal fans as we find ourselves stuck at home with no live shows to look forward to any time soon. I'm guessing a mosh pit is probably not the best place to be in these crazy times. Fortunately, there have been plenty of music documentaries over the years on the subject of hard rock and Metal. So as you're gonna be stuck home for a while, we have compiled a list of 5 great Metal documentaries to keep you rocking.

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10 Music Related Ways For Musicians and Music Fans To Spend Their Quarantine

Since the recent mandate of Covid-19 related quarantines were made many of us have unexpectedly found ourselves with more time on our hands, battling boredom within the confines of our homes. Luckily, if you are a musician or music lover, there are still plenty of ways to pass the time. If you’re in a rut, check out our list of ways for musicians and music fans to pass the time during this difficult time. You’ll find this can actually be a great opportunity for you to open new musical doors of discovery!

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Spring Grove Premier New Track, "Chameleon"

Lately, it feels like we are living out an episode of The Twilight Zone and good news, especially when it comes to anything music related is hard to come by. Fortunately, Cincinnati has its fair share of talented artists taking advantage of some of this unwanted down time.
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CincyMusic LIVE Tonight: Vaance & Nicholas Clay

In order to help musicians in this tough time, we have created CincyMusic LIVE! Live concerts from the comfort of your home. Tips appreciated to each artist (links will be provided during each set).

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Arlo McKinley Live Tonight via Master Musicians’ Social Distance Fest

Arlo McKinley will be live tonight via Master Musicians' Social Distance Fest at 8p! During a time of little live music & community gathering, Master Musicians Festival has joined forces with The Burl in Lexington and Buck the Taxidermist to present: Master Musician's Social Distance Fest.

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Album Review: Clockwork Radio - Josh Eagle & the Harvest City

Somewhere lost in a sea of thoughts and feelings I put on the latest Josh Eagle record and drifted off to some place only left in my dreams. It was comforting. The record was calming. The electricity eased my weary mind. The gravel in Josh’s throat was soothing. The album felt like a meditation. I’m no Buddhist, nor do I pretend to be one, but the listening experience of this felt something akin to a moment of Zen. My mind travelled to all kinds of places. The song “I’ll Be There for You” brought me out to the desert and its winds. "Hallow’s Eve" brought me to the fall and dropped me into some New York City neighborhood.